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Reviewed Aug. 27, 2021


Perfect primitive camping spots. There are streams near bottom of the mountain and the road does loop all the way around. The second entrance is about 9 miles from the first on the main road (276) which is right before cradle of forestry. We decided to go to the top. Water does run off from the top so we were able to collect clean clear bathing water.. We stayed for about 7 days. the first weekend was noisy with partners but after that was very quiet. A ranger makes his rounds every day. Watch out for flash floods if at the bottom. No toilets but plenty of seclusion. About 10 miles from main town with everything you need. Follow rules - bury poop. Pack in and out all trash.

There are active bears. Bears are most active about 1 hour before sunset and sunrise. We had a teenage size bear and his mom visit our camp every morning about 530am. They disappear with full light. You can hear the youngin' begin his calls around each of these times. Sounds almost like an owl the first time you hear it and baby bears cry sound like human baby cries. Please follow rules on signs. No toiletries, trash, food of any kind or anything smelly in your tent leave it all in your car (locked) because the bears will come investigate.

Plenty to do around hear. Tubing is close. There are hiking trails which lead to a central location called "club gap" ( we took the wrong route and hiked 9 miles). There is a beautiful waterfall (Looking Glass). Fly fishing 🎣 was popular and you can swim in the clear cold mountain waters.

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