Megan M.
Reviewed Aug. 22, 2021

Small and weirdly creepy

I drove through here on a Sunday, and I just read online that the dam may be getting repaired, so that might explain the creepy, horror-film vibe I got from this place. It was completely deserted on an August Sunday, except for two RVs in the small campground.

The sites are shaded, which is nice, but pretty close together. The only bathroom within the campground area is one porta-john, so I bet that gets pretty disgusting. There was a latrine out on the road by the playground (a bit short walk from the campsites), but I didn't go in. The camp office was locked up.

The lake was deserted and it looks like some kind of sad chemical waste area. There is no beach, and what is probably a snack bar or boat rental place was all boarded up, and the floating docks were dragged up onto land. The edges of the lake were all dry and rocky looking, which is why it looks like some kind of place where there was mining or some other industrial activity. I don't know the history of the area, but it was underwhelming and not very pleasant. 

I won't stay here- I checked it out and now I know it isn't for me.

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