Jared S.
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2021

Don't ANT tagonize me!

This place has ants bigger then a Dodge Ram 2500, bring the kids they will love it. I rode my ant all day and night and my cousin couldn't say nothing about it this time.

  • The climbing ant
  • Fire ant ride
  • Me on my ant
  • Yeeeehae
  • They put kids on the dumb ants
  • Video footage of the campgrounds
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  • Actual footage of the camp
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  • That ant has given up on life
  • One of the bigger ants
  • They are cute little bastards
  • The good times at the ant farm.
  • Guy said he was the ant overlord... He was cool though... Made everyone hot cocoa and ran off into a giant ant hole clicking his lips.

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