Reviewed Aug. 4, 2021

Holland Lake camping trip

My husband and I camped at Holland Lake Campground in July 2020. The campground host was really friendly and helped us out a lot. There are several trails to go on atv rides and you could get out on the lake too. The host have a kayaks you could rent. There's Holland Lake Lodge too but I think you have to book it way in advance to get a room. We camped in our tent while most other campers there had RVs or campers. It's comfortable as long as it doesn't rain on you. There are bathrooms that are fairly clean for a campground with a sink, soap, and TP. The view of the lake is gorgeous and they do fireworks on the lake over 4th of July. If you need to go for a drive to look for food or anything, there's a Mercantile down the main road a few miles and you can also drive to Seeley (in town). There's a gas station in Seeley with really good hot stuff pizza. Anyway we had a really good time out there. Brought our fourwheeler and rode several trails, had a real camping experience.

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