Lori O.
Reviewed Aug. 2, 2021

Beautiful spot

Arrived in a Thursday afternoon and found a large wide open spot just before the Chihuahua Gulch trailhead. We have an off-road teardrop trailer with rooftop tent and travelled with another family with rooftop tent and we were able to spread out with plenty of level ground for our vehicles/sleeping quarters. There was a decent amount of traffic as the weekend came and went, but arriving Thursday we had the pick of large spots. Peru Creek was just across the road and we took our chairs over to sit by it one sunny afternoon which was wonderful. LOTS of moose droppings in the area but we never saw any. We loved our spot that had gorgeous 360 views and would love to come back again!

Also, we drive a lifted Ram 1500 and pull the off-road trailer - the road up was a bit sketchy and narrow in places. I worries if we had to pass anyone coming the opposite direction but the one narrow spot that happened, we all survived unscathed, lol. It was good to find plenty of places to turn the trailer around once we got up further in case we couldn’t find anything. That’s always the concern on these roads!

  • pano of our spot
  • Peru Creek
  • looking up the road toward Chihuahua Gulch Trailhead
  • our digs for the weekend
Sitemeadow just before Chihuahua Gulch TH

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