SThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 2, 2021

Beautiful Area!

We were in a group site, which was nice and spacious. Had some tree coverage too which we were very grateful for because it was quite warm. Trees also were great for our hammocks! Downside was that due to extreme fire danger and fires in the area, we were allowed to have fires of any kind. Only propane stoves and grills were allowed. Also due to the extremely low water level the water seemed to have more algae and so we didn’t feel like getting in. Other people were in the water though, and they told us the water was fine to swim in. Bathrooms were decently clean but I think because they were individual bathrooms and had no windows, even though it had extremely high ceilings, there didn’t seem to be enough circulation and so they didn’t smell the best. We visited the visitor center, which was very informational and the ranger was very helpful and friendly. We even went to an evening event by the same ranger about raptors (birds of prey). Overall, was a really beautiful area and would definitely go back!

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