RThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 1, 2021

The worst place ever!

Had reserved a spot and ended up coming late on the first night because of a flat tire. Paid for that night and the one after had decided to just stay while house hunting in the area and had arranged to pay for night 3 online with the people who said they were onsite management moments after my boyfriend had walked away from talking to them to go to jetty to fish an older lady beats on the door of our travel trailer screaming at myself that we needed to leave “Right now” or she was having me arrested. I had been in the shower when this started so I was trying to get dressed as fast as possible and told her that I was sorry for whatever had caused such a rash decision and was told my money was not accepted there and that she wanted the “trash” out of her park. I.E. me that we were not welcome there. Still no explanation as to why..... the price they charge online is 12 dollars higher then the sign posted at the property and all adds given on any of the websites make it seem like a great place to stay. Yet it was a dirt parking lot next to the airport. Laundry was locked up the entire time WiFi doesn’t work no picnic table in site like advertised and that woman will pass judgement and lock you out without a moments notice. Don’t waste your money it’s not worth it and the deplorable way I was treated and spoken to with no reason. Absolutely worst customer service I have encountered...


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