Reviewed Aug. 1, 2021

Don't Go - An In Depth Warning

I stayed here sometime ago and it's forever riding me how the management acted at this place.

- Tenants were being kicked out left and right with zero justification. Not a matter of they didn't pay which they did. Not a matter of breaking rules. No, it's management simply deciding they don't like the person.

- If you speak Spanish you'll quickly be on their bad side.

- Management uses the local police like their personal thugs to enforce rapid eviction.

- Mail is circulated to whoever wants it. Meaning ask and you can have mail which isn't connected to you. I am sure this is illegal.

- Special needs tenants not actually welcome. No understanding & tolerance.

- Money is kept by management and not returned with eviction. Note it's not a matter of retaining the money over damage to property. It's just greed.

- Management has admitted history to fudging documents for higher food stamps. In other words, lying on papers for more food stamp benefits.

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