Myron C.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 1, 2021

Dispersed Camping Site Close to Courthouse Falls

To get to this camping area, you have to travel down a forest road with a gravel bed. It is in a great spot, other than being beside the road. There are two fire pits and both places are beside the creek. Since it is primitive camping, there are no facilities, but you get the benefit of being away from people. However, to do the business of going to the“bathroom,” there will not be much privacy. Another problem is that you are encouraged to do your dirty work at least 200 feet away from water sources. That presents a problem since it’s difficult to go 200 feet away unless you climb a cliff or walk down the road. Nevertheless, staying here is so peaceful because you hear the sounds of the creek all night long. The biggest attraction, other than the solitude, is Courthouse Falls. To get there, it’s best to drive further up the road(and I do mean“up”) and park beside the road. There will be a trail sign on the left just past one of the bridges, and the hike is about a half mile or less. When I went, I walked past the falls because I heard the water but didn’t see the falls because of all the dense foliage. I finally got back to the falls to take pictures. I found out too late that there is a side trail somewhere that takes you to the base of the falls. If I ever go back, I will try to find that trail. Normally, I would give this camping area four or five stars, but there was standing water near the campsite, and finding a place to do your private duty was difficult. A small RV or travel trailer MIGHT be able to park here, but be aware of the bumpy gravel road. Overall, it was a good experience and I would recommend it, especially for tent campers.

  • Set up beside Courthouse Creek
  • This site is large enough for more than two tents.
  • My tent beside the creek
  • You must cross the wooden bridge to get to Courthouse Falls.
  • This was the best picture I could get of Courthouse Falls.  Next time I will try to do better.
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  • I thought this was Courthouse Falls at first, but it is just a small waterfall down the trail.
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  • I was happy that they put wire mesh on this bridge.  The others were slippery.
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  • Top of Courthouse Falls
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  • The trail got a little mucky.
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