Janelle M.
Reviewed Jul. 31, 2021

Fun little spot the spring time

Nice spot to go in the spring when the grass is still green and too cold to go up into the higher elevations. I would NOT recommend bringing an RV or trailer into the area as the road in has a 1 lane, minimal turnout section with a shear cliff on one side. The drive is plenty safe, but long and not for the faint of heart. Relatively busy when we went and unfortunately weren’t able to get a campsite the first night, but lucked out to find a dispersed site and moved to a campsite the next day. Everyone there was super friendly and it’s a short drive/ walk to the water. I did want to point out that there are other reviews that were posted here that were supposed to be for the black rock campground in the Joshua tree area. They must have been accidentally added here, and I don’t want anyone to be mislead.

  • Hard to tell I the photo, but you can see where the road goes into the rocky cliff section.
  • little seasonal fall on the drive in
  • fun little swim area at the end of the road

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