Reviewed Jul. 29, 2021

Super nice park overlooking water

Pro: we had a great spot (30) and great view of water. Many spots not as close to water as we were. Spot gravel and took us few extra minutes to move around to find most level Part . Owners great and on site. Close to Acadia National park, great lobster places and many other sites. Sue prepared a super handout that tells you what’s around. For the most part it was peaceful. Some loud music ( odd how people think everyone wants to hear their music), and Peter rides semi loud tractor vehicle to sell wood and do chores.But he’s got little choice I guess. It was pricey and when we asked to reserve next year 2022 the price for that spot went up so much it’s just not what we want to pay. View is great but … So we won’t be back. Maybe spots further away from water are less! IDK. Also # 30 is 30 amp we are 50 we knew that coming in no surprise. And we were fine with 30 amp! Lots to do nearby. We had a great time in that part of Maine. Sue really went out of her way to offer me the best spot she had open .


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