Nikki L.
Reviewed Jul. 29, 2021

I just want to know please!

MY family and I have been camping at rhea springs or Jackson's island every summer for the past 21 years and today we drove down 3 hours like always so excited just to see the gate shut and a paper sign saying "closed for maintenance" so we drove to Jackson island and it was closed ,the sign read "TVA CLOSED" on a piece of paper scribble in pen. We found a hotel 40 mins away to stay in hopes of finding ANYWHERE to  take my kids and and some family camping,  THERE'S NO ONE TO CONTACT , THERE WAS NO STATEMENT LETTING ANYONE KNOW THEY WOULD BE CLOSED nor WHEN THE SITES WILL OPEN. My kids where all crushed and that just rips me inside. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY INFO or SUGGESTIONS ON OTHER CAMPING SITES!??

SiteRhea Springs & Jackson's Island

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