Reviewed Jul. 28, 2021


I have never been so glad to leave a campground as I was to leave this one. We came to California to visit friends and family in the Riverside area. We were in the Lakeview side(unpaved) and what a rat hole. They allow 20 people and as many cars that will fit and then some into a campsite. Trash was everywhere! The camp host's site looked like a junk yard and I never saw him do anything but sit in his lawn chair. I didn't even look at the restrooms or showers because if the guy can't keep his own site clean, I'm sure he isn't keeping the bathhouse clean.

 The sites are dirt with a rickety and dirty wood picnic table and a fire ring. Our site and all the others were full of trash all over the ground and it got worse each day as our neighbors just threw their trash on the ground included baby wipes and dirty diapers.. Obviously nothing is done to the sites between campers. The dumpster was overflowing when we got there and was a complete mess two days later. 

We had people doing heavy drugs in the campsite to the right of us and at least 40 people partying with loud music until 1:00AM both nights in the campsite to the left. Kids running around everywhere and the people next to us even parked their car in our site. They also dumped their grey water on the ground and flooded both our sites. Yuck! 

We had to go somewhere each evening and we were a nervous wreck about what might happen to our trailer while we were gone. We left nothing outside, not even a chair. I can't believe that this place has a such a high rating as it is just really, really bad. The rangers do not enforce any rules and it's pretty much come one and all and do whatever you want as late as you want. 

We paid$45.00 a night for partial hook-ups and a stress filled weekend. It isn't worth$2.00 in my opinion! The people who run this place should be ashamed. My husband said they are probably so outnumbered by the riff-raff that they are afraid to do anything. We will NEVER return.


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