Grant M.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 27, 2021

Good for ATV’s, also good for horses and people.

So, as one of Missouri’s atv parks, this can be a load one. But, you can camp at campground 2, and you’re dealing with a MUCH more classic camping scenario. The park is big enough you don’t hear the small engine vehicles over here.

The campground 2 sites are set up for horses, something I know almost nothing about, but they make the sites larger to accommodate equestrian needs and that’s nice. Hiking, MTB, and horse trails are separate from the atv trails. There’s even a nice 11 mile long paved trail that has some hills but will work for kids/strollers/etc.

There are a number of more interesting parks in the area for what I think of as a true camping experience, but this is a good one if you’re also on the pokemon plan (gotta camp ‘em all). If you like atv/utv/dirt bike stuff, man, campground one is for you, and it looks like a blast, read up on the lead mine tailing warnings.

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