Reviewed Jul. 24, 2021

It was alright

Went during the week, there were 4 sites taken adjacent to me, the rest of the campsite barely had anyone. Unfortunately 2 of them were taken by a large family group who were pretty loud until midnight - no fault of the campsite, just note that this place will have a higher frequency of this type of visitor. 

I had a waterfront site, although you can't really see the water from the site itself. Two paths led down to the lake, about 20 feet. There was a bag tied to a tree with someone's trash in it. Speaking of trash, there was a lot of little bits scattered throughout the site, I spent my camp setup time also picking out the worst offenders (bottle caps, broken glass, zip ties, broken off plastic bits of kids toys etc.)

Size-wise, very spacious and open - which is good in some ways but I had to account for shade as well as a place to rig a ridgeline for my tarp (i.e., all the trees ring the edge of the site in the brush). Picnic table and fire ring were in good shape. 

The boundaries between neighbors are pretty much non-existent. Water isn't too far from any site and the bathrooms were in good shape. Unlike Brendan Byrne, this one had some hooks to hang your bags on.  

The campsite runs along a local road that doesn't get much traffic, but you'll definitely hear cars going by at 50 mph.

Across the street from the entrance is a home that sells sundries and firewood. Down at the Atsion office a mile away they can sell you firewood as well. Picalilli Inn isn't far, they have great wings. Batsto is a 15 minute drive. Hikes start either there or you can access from Atsion as well. There are little trails around the campsite too.

All in all a decent place, solid facilities, and convenient


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