Peña B.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 23, 2021


When we saw the listing we were really excited to stay there: it had a canvas tent and is on Deer Isle (relatively) near Stonington. As we drove out there we realized that is was in a pretty remote part of the island, which was not what we were expecting.

The Con: When we arrived we were shocked to see how close together the sites are (we heard our neighbor snoring) - there was even a tent ‘site’ on the hill between the bathhouse and the would pile. Then we got to our tent and I realized that I had misread their listing - there was nothing in the tent. There weren’t any photos of the inside of the tent in the listing, and since we had gone glamping several times in the past, I assumed there was at least something to sleep on but I was wrong. Luckily we had been camping for a few weeks already and had our sleeping bags, mats, and lights; but we were hoping for a little break from our camping.

The Pro: The owner, Caleb, was really nice and helped us find a place that was still open for dinner (his recommendation was a fantastic Portuguese restaurant). He told us that he had a business partner that had left the business to travel cross country on his Harley and it looked like the campground is way more than one person can handle. But the bathrooms are fine and there is free hot water showers.

I really feel bad for leaving a bad review because Caleb really was such a nice guy but I would never stay there again.

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