Reviewed Jul. 21, 2021

Worrrrrth it!

Stayed here for a night with my little dog. We car camped in my Honda Civic and it was perfect.

Very remote for how close it was to Las Cruces (Perfect place to grab supplies before heading up) (Grab everything from water to firewood, this place doesn't supply anything)

Beautiful views, lots of spots to choose from. Lots of privacy. Each spot had a shaded picnic table. The bathrooms were extremely well maintained.

I paid first and then found my spot because I didn't want to drive back up.

Bring bug spray and sunscreen!

The campground had great cell service for me (t-mobile).

Saw a beautiful fox and lots of little bunnies running around.

Super close to White Sands National Park. I highlyyyy recommend staying here and then waking up and heading to the Park.

I'd love to come back again!

  • Drive up to Aguirre Springs
  • Our campsite for the night
  • Parked slightly close to other campers since I was camping alone
  • Had to find a spot that we could hang the hammock up in
  • Evening sunset
  • Grateful to all those who help keep these bathrooms so clean
  • Sunrise
  • Close to other campers for safety, but still felt like we both had lots of privacy

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