Don R.
Reviewed Jul. 20, 2021

Wide-open state park with cramped campsites

The park is huge with tons of space for picnics, beachgoing and - weirdly - parking. (Someone must've gotten a tasty asphalt contract.)

Unfortunately, all of the campsites are jammed into one quadrant, with very little distance between each. Our site (#17) was quite small and was not clearly marked. It seemed to run into #18. We were told we could spread out into two sites since the adjoining site wasn't taken. (By the way: Site #19 looked to be the best in our neck of the woods.)

The roads to the tent sites are quite rocky and can be difficult to navigate. 

The facilities are a bit warn, but the maintenance staff does a good job of upkeep. Since it was raining during our visit, it was impossible to keep the individual shower/lavatories clean for very long.

Though the camp was mostly filled, noise was not a problem during our stay. 

The lake is quite nice and the swimming area is well-protected.

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