Reviewed Jul. 20, 2021

Nice place to get closer to nature—be ready for plenty of mosquitoes.

Friendly staff, very beautiful drive underneath the canopy to the campsites, variety of sites to choose from. Our site (64) was both pretty spacious and right on the tree line, had a fire pit, grill and electric. Size of sites seemed to differ as well as sizes of the grills. Some sites were also more secluded than others. Overall was a nice place to visit, just beware of how many mosquitoes there are. Obviously we’re in nature and a wooded area so bugs are normal, however we were shocked to see how many mosquitoes were swarming our vehicle before we even stepped out. Lots and lots of bug spray being reapplied seemed to do the trick for me, but my boyfriend still got bit excessively. Definitely bring an extra can of bug spray if you’re staying here! That was the biggest drawback for us but park rangers also came around several times throughout our stay spraying mosquito repellent out of trucks to keep them at bay so that definitely helped. I also read that Tippecanoe river is known to have local river otters, however after getting there it was clear that this was more rare to sight otters here and that there weren’t very many (easily accessible) places to view the river. There was a boat launch/otter picnic area, but all the other access points to the river seemed to be through hiking trails, same as the fire tower and we just weren’t up for it with all of the mosquitoes unfortunately. That being said, we were visiting in a pretty humid time, the bugs could’ve just been really bad while we were there, hopefully others reading will have better luck! If bugs aren’t a bother for you, this is definitely a good campground to connect with nature, many different trails and lots of birds to watch.

  • Drive to the campsites
  • Lots of butterflies here
  • Woodpecker

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