Art S.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 20, 2021

Great for equestrian and hiking but not much shade in the other loop

This is a large state park with separate camping loops. The equestrian loop was popular and we saw many there. It has plenty of shade and even what looked to be a horse water trough. 

The non-equestrian loop was not as nice. There are a few spots with morning shade but the whole place will get that hot afternoon sun. We saw a couple RVs running a/c with the electric sites. There is a central picnic shelter. Maybe this will be better when the younger trees grow tall enough to be shadier. 

There are some grass covered hiking trails that are wonderful. A few picnic areas add up with some fishing spots to make this a great place to enjoy. We found that it was close enough to another state park to camp there and travel back for day visits.

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