Reviewed Jul. 20, 2021

Cold, mean staff

If you didn't make a reservation in advance don't bother even showing your face. My group and I had been displaced by fires for 48 hours and couldn't make it to the actual reservations we made so we were desperate for a place to stay, stranded in Missoula. When we arrived trying to find a spot, the first open one we came upon was reserved for accessibility camping until 8pm. We stopped the car for literal minutes to walk and check the rest of the campground to see if anything was open and then we were going to decide if we wanted to hang out until 8pm or move on and try to keep searching because we were desperate. Before we even had a chance to discuss anything, a man on a tricycle approached us and started yelling at us, making it very clear we weren't even welcome, couldn't be bothered to listen to us, spoke to us like we were idiots, and tried to ticket us. Let me remind you, we had been stopped for literally minutes, had not unpacked anything out of our car, had not insinuated we even wanted the campsite, and this man verbally attacked us. He said"if we couldn't see the reserved sign with our eyes then we shouldn't be allowed to drive" among many other rude and demeaning comments. The staff was completely unwilling to listen, did not want to help, couldn't be bothered, horrible at customer service, and were very cold.

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