Lauren A.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 20, 2021

Perfect location, beautiful lake

This campground was packed but my particular spot had a decent amount of space between me and the campsites on either side. It backed up to a fence (a neighborhood is on the other side apparently). It was a bit of a walk from the bathhouse but not horrible. This particular bathhouse was different than all the others I have gone to this year. It had a regular bathroom then separate rooms across the hall that had showers. I liked it a lot! Very clean and a bigger shower and changing area which was wonderful. Water pressure was fantastic and it got nice and hot. There was proper ventilation in both the bathroom and the shower rooms and the garbage cans were always being emptied. The soap dispensers were always full. Campground staff did a great job maintaining the bathhouse! The campground was in the perfect location. No traffic noise and right by the marina and a small beach area for water access for families. The marina rents out kayaks and paddle boards. They had picnic areas and plenty of places to sit and enjoy the view of the lake. If it is too crowded try going in the morning before 10am-I did and there were only like 10 people there besides me. They had an outdoor amphitheater, which I didn’t visit but I thought that was pretty cool. The only thing that was kind of disappointing was that they did not sell ice at the campground. It would have been wonderful to have that convenience. The closest place I found that sells ice was 6 miles from the campground. There obviously was a fire ban so they had the firewood they usually sell locked up. People respected the ordinance. They had a large and clean recycle and garbage disposal area that you can pull your car or RV right up to to dispose of your garbage and recycling before leaving the campground which was a nice convenience. The nearby Tram to Mount Howard was an amazing experience! Gorgeous views and nice trails at the top to explore. They even have a restaurant at the top too. The unfortunate thing was that smoke from a fire about 62 miles north had made it to the area so the views weren’t as clear as they could have been. Overall, if you are in the area camping I highly recommend you take a tram ride. It is well worth the $40 a ticket price. Also, a young buck walked through my campsite the morning I left, which was super neat! I would come back to this campground.

  • Lots of pull offs along the lake
  • Wallowa Marina
  • Wallowa Marina
  • Beach area
  • huge parking lot at Marina and day use area with Mountain View’s
  • Wallowa Lake from the Tram
  • Tram Restaurant
  • viewpoint at the top of mount howard
  • area to hang your stuff in the shower room at campground
  • chipmunks were everywhere on the top of Mount Howard and at the campground-so cute!
  • Tram going down the mountain
  • Shower room-very large
  • bathrooms were clean and properly ventilated
  • clean sink areas-lots of soap!
  • chipmunk visitor at campground
  • The Summit-such a great experience
  • campsites were kinda close but not bad

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