Reviewed Jul. 19, 2021

Great Camping!

We stayed at the Prairie View section on site P27. It was me, my wife, our 8 month old daughter, and our dog. One thing I always look up before booking a campsite is how secluded we are since our dog gets very anxious and will bark at almost anyone that gets “too close” in her eyes. This site seemed promising so I booked it with fingers crossed. Luckily it was fantastic. You could barely see the neighbors because of how overgrown the edges of the site were. We felt like we were in our own little bubble. The gravel drive into the site was also pretty tight so we were able to park our car in it and block off the view to the road even more. There was plenty of room for our tent and to have a fire. Two tents might have been too much though. Although we do have a pretty large tent. The fire area was great, it had a grill you could put over it to cook on. It was also very well upkept. We saw someone going around and cleaning out all of the fire pits before check-in even to make sure they were ready for the next group. There were pit toilets within the camping area but there was also a bath house with flush toilets right outside on the main road (5 minute walk). 

Checking in was also extremely easy and the people at the gatehouse were very friendly. The concessions (or camp store) was large and well stocked. Plenty of firewood and was inside a garage so it was all dry and ready to use. We didn’t use any of the water sport rentals because of our baby, but we’re very happy to see there was a ton to do and will likely be back to take advantage. 

We also did a 5 mile hike through the park. It was absolutely beautiful. Lots of hills, forested areas, open prairies, and multiple water locations including next to the Fox River where our dog was able to cool off. The paths were all paved or crushed gravel and were very well upkept. 

We had an amazing time and will definitely be back!

  • P27 tent and parking area
  • P27 fire and camp area
  • Picture on our hike
  • P27 Entry

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