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Reviewed Jul. 18, 2021

Confused in Ohio and PA

I wanted to write this review to help with some of the confusion.  I've been there and back but sometimes I  am still confused by this park.  

  1. You will want to know that they have more than one campsite (Linesville and Jamestown).  

  2. They also have more than one beach.  The smaller beach is where you can access a bathroom.  The larger beach seems to have been forgotten to a degree as no bathroom. 

  3. Then next door in Ohio they have the same name for their park.  Grab all of the paper maps from Ohio and PA. As on Google Maps it does get confusing as to which part is in Ohio and which part is in PA.  Notice that the parks ignore their neighbor to a degree which adds to the confusion. 

  4. Be sure to visit the Pymatuning Dam Gate House (Which feels like a whole different park). 

  5. We did find some trails around the Pymatuning Dam Gate House but had trouble finding trail maps or folks to ask for information.

  6. Make sure to go over and feed the carp.  This is located at Linesville Spillway and not in the Linesville campground. I will see if I can upload the carp video as it was a neat experience.  Do bring bread as they do not have the fish pellets for purchase at this time.  Bread is bad for the water and ducks etc. but at this time they are not discouraging it.

  • This was the largest beach but it was a ghost town.
  • It was a very nice beach but no toilet access had me concerned.
  • Awesome beach structure but nothing was opened.
  • The bathrooms were closed for changing or using the toilet. We didn't even find a porta john.
  • I can only imagine the crowds at one time.  We did see two rangers in the distance but they pulled away before we could talk to them.
  • I really appreciated this as I hate finding cigarette butts in the sand or smoke in my space on the sand.
  • Here was the rules posted at the big beach.  The other beach didn't have much information but did have people at it when we were visiting.
  • No pets allowed on the beach but they did have plenty of grass where your family pet could sit near by in the shade.
  • Pymatuning Dam (Gate House)
  • Information sign about the dam
  • Building information about the region but they recently did an overhaul on the old building of the dam control house.
  • We saw plenty of folks fishing by the dam and we also saw information about non-motor boating.  We didn't see any rental places so make sure you have your own gear.
  • This was the other beach that we found.  This one did actually have bathrooms that were open.  It is the oldest beach but was in good condition.
  • At the other beach we found they also had a playground where as the larger beach did not have a playground for kids.  You should note that this is next to the water of the beach but also an inlet for boats to purchase a boat slip. No fence so keep a close eye on little ones.
  • Hopefully, in this picture you can better see the water on both sides of the playground.
  • Boaters can rent a boat slip/dock on the lake from the park.

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