Erika H.
Reviewed Jul. 18, 2021

Very Loud

This is okay for what it is. The staff all seemed very friendly everytime we had interacted with them. The store was convenient. The bathroom was clean, but pretty cramped. Definitely aimed towards more of the RV/camper fields. It seems like the majority of the sites are seasonals. The tent sites are wicked small, packed together and so close to the highway you don't get an ounce of quiet. Dogs are not allowed in the pond even though the water itself was already pretty questionable. There was a camp across the pond (not affiliated with the campground I believe) that was blaring loud rap music and hollering all night. A group of children were in the woods next to our site yelling profanities and attempting to make a teepee throughout the day.

Definitely not a place to go relax and be in nature. We left two days before our departure date.

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