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Reviewed Jul. 15, 2021

Off-grid small campground nestled up against Abrams Creek

This campground is located down a mountain road with many switchbacks, thus limiting it to mostly tent campers (awesome). You can bring a trailer in, if it's less than 20 feet in length. While we were there, we only saw one trailer, all the other sites were tent campers or van lifers.

There are bathrooms, but no showers. There is also a dish washing sink, to keep the bears away. There is also a water filling station. Thru-hikers do utilize this campground to wash up in the bathrooms as it is located in a spot many trails leave from/intersect.

The campground is set along Abrams Creek, so you can dip in there to freshen up, but the water is chilly. The setting is beautiful and as it mostly all tent campers, it's quiet as well. I would recommend sites that are creek side first. The least desirable spots are site #12 & #13 as they are set on the path to the bathroom, so there is a lot of foot traffic. However, if those are the only sites available, I would definitely still reserve them as the campground is small and private. There is zero wifi  or cell service anywhere. It is a 20-minute drive to the closest gas station and dollar store.

  • Site 13
  • Site 12, the cement is the walkway to the bathrooms
  • Trash cans and bear boxes
  • Creek side site
  • Creek side site
  • A tiny trailer that made it down the mountain roads
  • Looking back towards sites 7, 8, & 9.

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