Alexandra The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 14, 2021

Nice campsite, but REF was nicer

This is a nice campsite with views of the lake (obstructed by trees but you can walk up for an unobstructed view). It’s a mile further out than REF if coming from St Mary’s Lake (but also a mile closer to triple divide pass). Nice outhouse that is WAY cleaner and newer than REF. Some sites had a brushy trail that would definitely let you know if a critter is approaching your site. Saw some lion prints on the trail while we were there, but didn’t see anything in person (though while staying at REF a grizzly walked down the trail towards REH). Mosquitoes weren’t horrible but were definitely present, as were the gnats and flies. Bear line and food prep area.

  • grounds map
  • outhouse at grounds
  • site
  • view from trail
  • site
  • another view from the trail
  • view opposite the lake
Sitesites aren’t numbered

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