Anwar A.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 12, 2021

Beautiful views of lake, beware of tweakers

The views of the lake were amazing coming down the dirt road to the campground. We came here expecting to see some clear waters and enjoy a quiet camp. Unfortunately this was not the case, the water was brown (which we didn’t mind) this didn’t stop us from fishing too.

But during our stay we got a visit late at night from 2 old men and an old lady in a truck filled with junk and what looked like a stolen motorcycle in the truck bed. (They looked like tweakers).

My friends and I approached them and they proceeded to ask us about hot springs and where we were from. We told them to leave, they then went to the campsite next to us, sat there for a couple of minutes then left.

Those people definitely did not look like they were ready to camp, and were probably looking for trouble.

Just wanted to give a heads up for any solo campers or backpackers, if anything bad would’ve happened you’d be a long way from help

  • View of the lake

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