Timothey S.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 9, 2021

Lives up to the hype ... mostly !

We had originally booked a week stay here for July 2020, but then … you know.   They rescheduled us for July 2021 and we just got back.  I will first say that getting a site here is like registering for college classes in the 90's or getting Billy Joel tickets:  You have to get up at dawn on the day they release them in January and hope you get into the class you want.  It was wild and absolutely added to the excitement of this campground.  

Overall - it's a terrific campground and we will absolutely be back.  Not at our site though… not at our site… our site was not great.  A10 … it was small… covered in roots and I mean they were everywhere and you felt as if you were going to just trip at any moment.  It also rained our first day and our site flooded (see photo), it was not great at all.  The fire pit was also about 30' away  down a hill, which could be charming but you were just grateful to get down to  there without breaking your ankle on a root.    I know nature happens but with the price you pay for this campground - they should not have a tripping hazard flood zone for a site.   

Here are the pros / cons (there are way more pros)


  • You are right outside Acadia National Park.   It's amazing - and the hiking trails and lakes / ponds for kayaking are so beautiful, it's bananas. 
  • Great, friendly and efficient check-in process.  The office has wood and ice to see and it's very convenient.   
  • There is a spot called 'The Gathering' place that has free wifi and great coffee and treats in the morning as well as ice cream in the evening.  It was nice on rainy day when we didn't feel like making coffee.  
  • Bathrooms and showers are clean, well maintained with a rustic cabin charm.  (hot water for shower is $1 [4 quarters] for 5 minutes). 
  • Almost all the sites have tent platforms, which is excellent ... especially if your site is an uneven, root invested, flooding hell scape (looking at you, A10). 
  • The campsite is on Sommes Sound so there are incredible water views and kayak / canoe launches. 
  • It is, hands down, the most quiet place we have ever camped.   You can hear a bit of traffic from Route 3 where we were (the evil A10) but it was not too bad in my opinion. 
  • No animals allowed in the peak season, which to me is a pro.  I like animals - but not running all over a campground. 


  • There are no dedicated sinks to do your dishes.  I was very surprised by this - as this campground is very expensive and I just assumed they would have them.  I double checked on their website and there is no mention of this that I can find.  It was very disappointing.  We made due - but I feel they should absolutely mention this on their site.  Again - I may just be inept and can't find it but I have now looked a few times.  
  • Some sites have water and electric, which is great!  Some have one or the other, which is great!  Some have neither, which is fine.   However, large sections of the the hoses and power cables run along the ground and through sites which is not great at all.   For our site (A10) between the roots and the hoses, you felt as if you were  competing in American Ninja Warrior at times.
  • amazing kayaking spots!
  • wet morning
  • A10 foods in rain....
  • entering campground
  • Play button icon
  • Play button icon
  • an incredible restaurant, Abel's Lobster  in the same town as campsite
  • campground boat launch-sommes sound -
  • The incredible Ocean Path in Acadia National Park!
  • Jordan Pond
  • Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park -
  • lil evening reading
  • you can drop in the water right at the campground!

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