Vicky S.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 6, 2021

Avoid - Dangerous Combination of Factors

CROWDED- the sites are sardine-spaced. 

CONGESTED (yes, it was during a holiday weekend, however)- small children running around with limited adult supervision created traffic halts and dogs to bark. 

DISREGARD FOR WILDLIFE- multiple children were going up to deer wandering through the campground. The owners, despite observing the children feeding the deer, did NOTHING. 

ALCOHOL- the sun had not even set yet the overall volume of the campground was fairly loud and given the number of beer bottles and cans being held, the night was going to be even louder. 

MANAGEMENT- young couple who do not introduce themselves as they walk into your site. After having a discussion with them it was fairly obvious they were limited with respect to wildlife rules and regulations nor did there seem to be much in the way of understanding what constituted truth in advertising. 

BOTTOM LINE- if you must find a place to spend the night and are not in need of a good WiFi signal nor do you care if"domesticated" deer attempt to mooch food from you, this campground will suffice. As for me, I'll be reporting them to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife department.

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