T K.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 5, 2021

5 for camping, 1 for host

Stayed two nights with a few friends and we had two campsites next to each other. Because one of my friends brought a huge tent for just her and her daughter, my wife and I moved our tent off the main section of where you are supposed to place your tent. After we got set up and in the middle of making dinner for everyone, the host comes up and makes us move our tent… we were only a few feet away from the designated tent spot. We had the only two sites in a curve, so no other campsites where around. He sees my obviously pregnant wife by our tent and continues to tell us to move, and didn't even give us time to assist with making dinner. There was a total of 6 of us with 2 kids between 2 campsites. He ended up calling the LVMPD on us for being too loud at 7pm. Metro saw 2 kids and 4 adults and one who was pregnant and sided with us. He saw we weren't being loud and said he would talk to the host. This spot is one of my favorites in Mt. Charleston but the host is not great. Not sure what the issue really was, as hardly any of the sites were occupied. Would not recommend pulling a trailer around this site, there are two extremely tight turns. All tent campers except for one pop up pull trailer that was about 10 feet long.

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