Rachel O.
Reviewed Jul. 3, 2021

Bird Songs/Sounds Galore at BP1

You have to check-in at the camp office, which closes at 8pm. I didn’t realize this and arrived at 8:20pm and probably made the nice state park lady work late. Don’t be me.

This remote site is about a mile hike in from the parking area. Easy/moderate hike in. Saw 6 or 7 deer hiking in. At my site, BP1 or backpack 1 or R1, you have water access nearby so prep for the sounds of waterfowl. PELICANS! They flap loudly when entering or exiting the water. Very cool to watch. I wasn’t bothered by it, just a surprise. Other posts somewhere on the internet mentioned the interstate noise being an issue at this site-I did not have that experience. Occasionally, I’d hear the revving of someone’s extremely loud motorcycle or semi engine (maybe 5 times total) in the distance, but the nature sounds covered it for me. I woke up to so many bird sounds. The 2 crows were annoying but fortunately they took off and I got to hear the songbirds more clearly.

The site itself was very nice. Partially shaded, but also allowed for sunshine during the day. The park provides firewood at the backpacking sites, which is nice since this park has a no firewood collecting rule. Flat, clear areas to pitch your tent.

  • Remote/Backpacking campsite sign on Pelican Trail
  • BP1
  • Pelicans on Albert Lea Lake!
  • BP1 Site Video
  • The pelicans!
  • Backpacking Site Parking area
  • Continue on the larger, mowed path to your campsite. Don’t be fooled into taking the deer path to the right of this sign.
  • Trail up to BP1 from Albert Lea Lake

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