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Reviewed Jul. 2, 2021

On The Edge of Camping Paradise

This is one of South Carolina's furthest afield campgrounds (any closer to Georgia and you'd be in that state!), so be prepared to find seclusion and a decent dosage of privacy all on the lakefront edge of heaven.  Having never camped in SC before, my family and I checked out a number of campgrounds in the state before stopping by this one - and for the most part (bathrooms aside), we were delighted by what we found!

Unless inland, the majority of campsites either inch up to the lake's shoreline or offer a small, easy-to-access private pathway to the waterline.  Each campsite that we viewed had very generous (and most importantly) flat grounds, although all are set off by small pebble grounds, much like a driveway (which if you are used to grass, will irk some, but for those that have camped on much larger stone rubble, won't mind as much).  All sites feature a fire circle, running waterline (and for those spots designated RV, an electrical line) along with a peculiar hanging hook for garbage (which depending upon which way the wind is blowing, can be good or really horrible).  The bathrooms are just mediocre (at best) and should be prioritized by the state to be demolished (yes, not simply remodeled) and rebuilt as they feel fairly 3rd world (in fact, I've camped in 3rd world countries that had better bathrooms!).  

I was impressed by the space and privacy of each campsite - while in many spots you can still see your neighbors, this campground offered abundantly much more privacy than other SC state campgrounds.  And while camping purists will be put off by the seemingly overwhelming # of RV's (sorry, RV'ers, but if you're reading this, you're not really camping unless you're in a tent), although the way that the sites are organized, you can still camp out in a tent here and not feel as though you are spending the night in a mall parking lot.  The most majestic offering of Calhoun Falls State Park is its access to the pristine lake - whether boating, kayaking or inter tubing it, this spot is nothing short of perfection!  

The entire state park is fairly great-sized and you'll find numerous trail hiking and biking to explore.  For those seeking spiritual experiences, there's even an outdoors service on Sundays, which looked pretty spectacular when we passed by (for more, just read John 3:16).  Outside the campground perimeters, there's not much in the way of commercial offerings or grocery stores, although there is a 7/11 in the nearby town of Calhoun Falls, and for those that don't mind a slightly longer drive, there were definitely some stop by's in neighboring Mount Carmel (roadside café), Bordeaux (check out the small church!) and Willington (beware the odors from the outdoor 'art cafe'!).

  • Manor on the lake nearby
  • Prime example of what a campsite looks like here!
  • Load in is EZ with long drives like this!
  • A slice of lake heaven!
  • Up close and watery!
  • Pano of the lake
  • Excellent campsite #19!
  • Excellent campsite #20!
  • Complete with 2 children's playgrounds!
  • Nice open area for frisbee!
  • Another kid's playground!
  • The sign that says it all!
  • A wooden bridge about 7 miles away towards Bordeaux
  • Look close and you'll see the US flag!
  • Mirror reflection on this lake
  • From further afield
  • How do you spell 'F-I-S-H-I-N-G'?!
  • Nice mirror reflection
  • Kayaking anyone?!
  • Shadows falling on this lake as dusk approaches
  • Clouds rolling in!
  • There's the flag!
  • Nice!
  • Further away, but still nice!
  • Check out these trees!
  • And these!

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