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Reviewed Jul. 2, 2021

Sweet & Sour Camping Adventure in Myrtle Beach State Park

Every camping adventure has a mix of upsides and downsides and I would describe my experience here at Myrtle Beach State Park as being a case of these two extremities.  

On the one hand, for camping purists who are looking to truly 'get away from it all' and find a nice stretch of hidden oasis to call home in the midst of nature for a few days, you will be disappointed by not being able to find any semblance of privacy in this RV parking lot.  That said, there are a few campsite spots that might offer a few more trees or underbrush to provide for some much needed isolation, but you would be hard pressed to escape this overcrowded campground.  Every campsite is connected to the main thoroughfare that itself resembles a smaller-scale stream of rush hour traffic from F150's, golf carts and RV's (and you thought you were here to escape the sounds and sites of the overcrowded nearby beach town?!).  Apart from the sheer overpopulation, the bathrooms and shower areas are just mediocre (at best).  If you can get past these two obstacles, then Myrtle Beach State Park may just be for you!  

A short walk from the campground is an amazing walkway that leads you straight to the beautiful beaches that Myrtle Beach is known for, complete with it's own lifeguard (although strangely, there are plenty of signs that indicate that there are no lifeguards on duty), who when not saving lives, will offer to rent you a chair and umbrella.  From this beachhead you'll be able to see the Myrtle Beach fishing pier and it's twin pier here in the state park, jutting out into the Atlantic ocean, offering the perfect promenade for catching a wide number of fish (flounder seemed to be the most prolific). Attached to this pier is a fantastic shop that seems to have it all (trash, trinkets, bait, snacks, etc.) complete with patio umbrellas and benches, making for a nice seaside picnic outing (along with nice, well-kept bathrooms).  

Nearby is a fantastic playground for the kids, which looked recently built when I was there.  Dotted around the entire shaded state park grounds are well situated picnic tables and cabin-sized shelters that can be booked in advance.  The on-site amenities also boast outdoor recreational areas that feature built-in games such as horse shoes and a bocce ball court (yes, you read that right, a bocce ball court in a state park!) as well as an engaging nature center that is designed to educate all on the surrounding environment and its wildlife habitat.  Add to this an on-site laundry facility (yes, you read that right ... again), amazingly well-kept grounds and very decent roads to drive on, there are certainly some perks offered here at Myrtle Beach State Park that this experienced camper has never come across before.

One quick bonus alert: if the overcrowded campgrounds scare you off (and honestly, you should give real, good hard thought to this), there are 7-8 cabins that can be booked, which offer up a great deal of privacy (all but one from my view) and may deliver on those expectations of (almost) getting away from it all!

  • Bocce Ball Court?!  Bring your bottle of jug wine and enjoy!!!
  • These are real birds - I promise!
  • Main thorough fare of the RV parking lot
  • A Laundr-O-Mat?!  Yes, an on-site laundry facility!
  • An on-site shop for all your camping needs!
  • Here's the lone cabin on the main thoroughfare (not too much privacy, but 4 walls!)
  • Picture-perfect walkway to the beautiful Myrtle Beach coast!
  • Mind the turtles!
  • Check out beach conditions before leaving your tent!
  • Perfect showering facilities after leaving the beach, so you don't track sand back into your tent or RV!
  • Mind the warning signs before jumping into the ocean!
  • So deceiving - there were (freelance) lifeguards all over the place (ready to rent you chairs and umbrellas).
  • Nice pano of the entire beachhead!
  • View of the pier back in Myrtle Beach
  • View of it's sister pier here in Myrtle Beach State Park
  • While you can't get privacy back at the campground, these two lovebirds found some P&Q while fishing.
  • And in case you missed it, look at those clouds!
  • And the ocean!!!
  • Another shot of the pier (as the lifeguard puts out chairs for rent!)
  • One lifeguard - so many chairs to rent!
  • Check your beach!
  • A bit of respite from the camping crowds
  • Wonderful playground for the kids!
  • Another shot of the playground!
  • And in case you missed it, another close view of the playground complete with slides and monkey bars!
  • This is the welcome center you go through to access the MBSP pier
  • Another view with chairs
  • Oh, those chairs are so colorful and inviting!
  • Check the rules before fishing.  But one question - what if the fish you catch becomes your pet?!
  • Lots of sea turtles abound!
  • Real shot - no fakery here!
  • For those with bad eyesight - you can pay $1 for a spectacular view!
  • This is one hell of a big seat!
  • When you catch a fish, you'll have to check its size up against this ruler!
  • Here's Vlad, he caught a pretty good size fish by anyone's measure, but alas, he had to throw it back as it wasn't big enough.  Poor Vlad!
  • This is a picture of the beachhead from the pier!
  • And here's another one for good measure!
  • Some people fishing.
  • Closer up of those same people fishing.
  • Now here's a picture of the left-hand side of the pier!
  • Mind the sharks!
  • Throw your trash away and recycle!
  • Stop smoking (there's no upside, just more downside for the crabs and other sea critters)!
  • How patriotic - bring your flags when you fish!
  • Myrtle Beach pier from afar!
  • A viewing machine
  • Don't catch shark!
  • It's really prohibited.
  • Here's the world records for fish caught on this pier!
  • Some useful reminders.
  • That's Cassie the bathroom maid on the left!
  • Gift shop has it all!
  • Nice ... umbrellas on the picnic tables near the pier!
  • Who manicures these trees anyway?!
  • One large shelter (book ahead!)
  • Small shelter (for smaller people).
  • Larger shelter (for larger people).
  • A campground host station!  Yes, have you ever seen this before?!
  • Super cool decorated (for the 4th of July) cabin in the private areas (for cabin renters only).
  • Another cool cabin!
  • Another cool cabin!
  • Another cool cabin!
  • Another cool cabin!
  • And here's what they look like inside!
  • Shower pod!
  • Room #1
  • Room #2
  • Room #3
  • Bathroom for those that need a lot of bars in the shower!
  • Nice kitchen!
  • And screened-in front porch!
  • From cabin to beachhead, this is what you'll see.
  • Nice picnic areas abound everywhere!
  • More playgrounds!
  • That's the ocean just behind the playground!
  • Several picnic areas just ripe for the taking!
  • Here's one of many nature trails
  • Nature center and activity center pathway!

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