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Reviewed Jul. 2, 2021

Campground is EXTREMELY run down

First, I want to say that the employees in "Western Town" & tour guides were AMAZING! 👏

The campground was HORRIBLE! It was run down. The toilets at the pool house were backed up. The pool was well kept. They did close the pool for storms and did NOT reopen it until the next day. NOT good management of resources.

There are NO fire rings for safe fires. The tent sites have no picnic tables. It appeared that it is geared more towards the "EVENT" aspect of the campground. They also had people place their garbage by the road for pickup instead of dumpsters or garbage cans.

The speed limit is 10 mph. HOWEVER, kids were racing around the campground and going off road on quads. This was daily and continued until after 9pm. I would think for liability reasons the employees would monitor things better.

The tours of Loretta's homestead replica, her mansion and the museums was AMAZING! That would be the only reason I would ever return.

God bless Loretta Lynn and her family. A fan forever

  • tent area after a rain. A river runs through it.
Sitetent site no number

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