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Reviewed Jul. 2, 2021

A Traditional KOA Experience

This was a Fall camping experience in a cabin as we knew it would be cold in the evenings.  We also had a non-camper with us so this was a nice compromise.  We had a cozy cabin with 2 bathrooms.  We also had a small kitchen where we could cook when we didn't want to cook over the fire.  This was another way for us to social distance as COVID-19 was still an issue. 

I also took photos of the camping bathrooms as each KOA does it a little differently. You will notice that the bathroom is unisex.  It is a single bathroom (toilet and shower).  This is in the center of the campground.  The bathroom photos below are not of the cabin. 

The cabin you see here is the Deluxe. "Deluxe Cabin(More than two Bathrooms), Patio Deluxe Cabin(w/ Bathroom)- Evergreen KL8-9-10 Perfect for large family or two couples with two queen bedrooms, sleeping loft, 1 1/2 baths, kitchenette, 3 tvs located in quiet corner with shade trees. Sorry, Not Pet Friendly! Linens are included in all seasons except Winter. Please bring pool towels." Taken from Reservation Email. 

For 2 nights it totaled $153.00 which is a good price compared to other cabins we were looking at within the region.  We could have had others camping in the tent section of the campground so it is an easy way to have a mixed crowd for a camping outing. 

I did type in some information into the Special Requests within my reservation booking online, as I had a question about who had to pick up the key as a friend lived closer.  No one responded and I had to call them. 

Cabins Check in is at 3PM and Check out is at 12 PM

We were able to buy firewood from the KOA camp office. They bring it to your campsite and we were able to grill hotdogs and other food items on our camp fire.  Do read the general information closely and look at number 15 for a free scoop of ice cream.  We did a donut run and explored the farm for our outing for the day. 

We also spent the day checking out a local mill

  • Deluxe Cabin (More than two Bathrooms), Patio
  • Lake view at the KOA campground. They still had a band performing in the tent prior to social distancing rules relaxing.
  • Unisex bathroom - This is nice as you don't have to be stuck waiting for a bathroom/shower to open up on the lady side of the bathroom.
  • This was a solid shower bench in the public unisex bathroom at the campground.  If you are unable to shower in the cabin it is nice to know that this is close by for a loved one that might need such an accommodation.
  • Shower/Bathroom had several hooks which is nice when hanging up your clothes and towels.
  • Shower had nice shelves for your shampoo and lotion. This is not the shower in the cabin but rather the community shower in the center of the campground.
  • Loft section of the cabin
  • Loft is not a high loft in terms of being able to stand up.  2 mattresses are up in the loft.
  • View down into the kitchen from the loft.
  • My bedroom view but the cabin had hangers and a bench for me to organize my items.
  • Better view into the kitchen. We played cards at the table as it was dark and cold early on so it was a nice spot to visit.
  • The kitchen also has a fan which is nice to keep the breeze moving if the windows are shut.
  • We used the kitchen for our camping food and various meals that we bought at the KOA, local winery, local farm food items,  and other meals purchased when we were out seeing the area.
  • KOA Salem/Lisbon map of campground
  • General information take a close look at this information as it is handy. Pay close attention to number 15 for ice cream:)
  • We enjoyed a pizza one night when we were too tired to cook ourselves after running around.
  • KOA Map
  • Check out time is noon.  Notice the tent village this was a beautiful area with pine trees.
  • If you go to the backside of the common area you will find an Express Donut Sales window and can by pass the longer lines.
  • View of the lake at the farm
  • Mill Creek Metro parks a happy accident as it has beautiful trails and bridges in the park.
  • Lanternman's Mill
  • Panoramic view of Lanterman's Mill
  • Covered bridge within the park
  • Another beautiful bridge and trail within the park

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