Stephanie Z.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 1, 2021

Fantastic North Shore Camping - with a curfew

This is a giant and pretty fantastic campground on the eastern side of Oahu’s North Shore with that has access to so much! The campground itself is super reasonably priced at 10$ pp per day. 

Each site has a table and fire pit. The sites across the different loops are super variable. There are sand sites super close to the beach that you walk into(parking is not far away) with almost no windbreak at all, and there are also sites that are in much more dense tree areas that you can easily drive into for car camping. The campground also has some bunk cabins. 

On the weekends it’s much harder to get a site and the camping areas are a bit of party central for the locals. I was here during Covid when sites were limited to 5 people per site– and it was still even a little loud and crazy then. 

There are also very friendly campground chickens (do not leave your food unattended) The bathrooms were a short walk away and mostly clean, and the staff at the office were really helpful. There isn’t electricity besides one plug in outside of the reception area. 

There is nighttime security on the property and they actually do patrol the grounds in a golf cart. There is a gate to get in with a code and a property curfew. When I visited you could not get in after 7pm or out before 6am. This was actually a bit challenging for logistics if you wanted to have dinner in Haliewa, stay late on sunset beach to watch the sunset, or get up for an early start for a hike. We wound up parking near reception outside of the gate a few times to make it work- but if your site is a long walk this might be a challenge.

  • A loop beachfront sites
  • A loop near the parking with a little wind break
  • the parking area (the sites closes here can get noisy with people remotely locking and unlocking their cars)
  • a little fire
  • the front yard
  • A more wooded site
  • Some of the bunk cabins
  • toilets in another part of the campground
  • they are very serious about the speed limit and the curfew
  • There is one outlet in front of reception
  • Local activities can be organized from the office
  • Reception. There are limited office hours
  • where we moved after it got super windy
  • the A 'loop' view
  • The campground pets
  • I think this was 5A - we camped here one night, but it got way too windy. (tip= check the winds)
  • Neighbors
  • The tents in the back (with the canopies) were some locals setting up to party into the night

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