Indigo H.
Reviewed Jun. 28, 2021

Isolation At Last

My girlfriend and I took the kids out in our rigs to find a nice place to camp where we could be in peace from the usual bustle of summer camp traffic. We picked Faucherie as our destination and hit the trails in hopes of finding a spot.

Portions of the trail got a bit rough, but manageable with higher clearance vehicles.

When we arrived, there wasn’t a soup in sight. We wanted to get closer to the lake, but the only camp sites that were available for that were by reservation only and the gate was locked, so we settled on a patch of dirt and rock between some pines on the loop.

We had not planned on freezing temperatures at night so we were limited on blankets at night. We came from 105°F back home to a balmy 55°F day here with frequent winds that increased the chill factor.

During the night, the temperature got down to 30°F. It was rough, but a worthy price to pay for peace and quiet away from summer crowds. The only real perk of the weather conditions meant that we didn’t have much trouble with mosquitos.

We learned that had we arrived a week later, the nights would have been perfect.

  • Welcome to Faucherie Lake Group Campground
  • Our Camp
  • Grilling Patties for lunch
  • Home Made and Seasoned All Beef Pattie
  • Chopping up Condiments
  • The days were beautiful, but exceedingly cold and windy.
  • “Watch for Poison Oak!”
  • Not a soul in sight
  • This unnameded waterfall was a most excellent find.
  • Such a beautiful location.
  • We shall call this “Emerald Falls”
  • The spillway was a pretty interesting location.

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