Reviewed Jun. 22, 2021

Misuse of deposit policy

In my initial phone call to the campground, I reserved a site for 1 month and paid in full:

$700 monthly site fee

$35 gate card deposit

$200 deposit 

8 days prior to what would have been my check in date, I canceled the reservation. After several discussions back& forth, Rox-Anne would only refund 50% of the$200 and$35(this is consistent with the campground's written policy and this is fair) but only 50% of the$700 monthly site fee(this does not apply to the campground's written deposit policy). I was never onsite, the full$700 should have been refunded. Rox-Anne's response to the fact that the$700 was paid upfront, money she wouldn't typically have access to until check in was"well you did(pay the money already) so we are keeping 1/2"

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