Reviewed Jun. 22, 2021

All depends on your neighbors

This place was great up until around 10pm when I noticed a strange pick up in cars coming through. Later I realized these are all the people who don’t want to pay and come in after the gate attendant leaves. Unfortunately, the caravan that came to the site next to mine around 11:30pm was awful. Kids running around screaming and lighting up my tent with flashlights until 1am, the music started at 1:30am, and then illegal fireworks at 2am. When I told them I was trying to sleep I got called some unfavorable names and as a solo female traveler did not feel safe.

I would avoid on Fridays and Saturdays in the summer if you are looking for the peace and serenity other campers mentioned.

  • Sunrise - right before taking down camp and gtfo before my neighbors woke up!

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