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Reviewed Jun. 21, 2021

The worst place ever

When I bought my first RV, 35 ft allegro. I stayed there for 4 months. Never had any problems except the wifi and the mud. 500.00 month. 2 months later came back, the office was closed so I parked and was planning to go to office when I got dressed. The owner was knocking on my rv at 730 and told me I don't just come and park where ever I want to and gave me 10 minutes to be at the office. It was winter, no reason to act like I was trying to cheat her out of fee. She was so rude I wanted to leave but the girl came in that runs the office came in and took over. But now I can't pay by the month just by the week which now is 850.00 for the month. I stayed the month then had to help my mom so I put it in storage then sold it. 1 year later I bought a 2004 monaco diplomat. When I pulled up and she saw my rv. Now my price was 1600.00 for the month plus 10 per person per day and 10 per day for my dog. She didn't like my son because she would always stop by and say something to him and he would tell her to go back to the office and leave him alone. The day we had enough of her it was snowing she came by on her little motorized broom and told him we had to leave as he was unhooking everything. He told her we were leaving and she told him he wasn't doing it fast enough . He told her to just keep on going and mind herself. She called the police and told them we owed her 350.00. I went back to give her the 125.00 for the last day we were late leaving because of the snow by 3 hrs. I had not known she called the police and took out a restraint order on us when she took my money. Her husband called me from Florida to tell me I better come back and pay them more money and my son was never to come on their property again. I talked to a guy parked two spots next to us he said his space was only 500.00 a month. She is the most unpleasant woman I have ever met. The city of Aurora offered her 2.5 mill for that run down piece unkept piece of land so the people who owned their mobile homes there could stay. She refused their offer she wanted more. And the people who could afford to move their home or couldn't find a place to move it before their deadline was left with nothing as she tore them all down. I would give her 1 star . Greed is an ugly trait to have in a people serving business that's fed by customer reviews

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