Reviewed Jun. 21, 2021

Clean quiet campground

Important note: no water at the campground!! We found this campground while traveling east along Highway 80. It was about 45 minutes off of Highway 80 and the way we took it was all dirt roads through a lot of free ranging sheep. The campground itself is very quiet, and we were one of only three groups there. Each campsite is really clean, the bathrooms are vault toilets but they are very clean, and many of the campsites had wood for a fire. We met the campground host, a guy named Matt, and he was very friendly and inquired if the cleanliness was up to our standards. An important note is that the water has been turned off to this campground for about a year and there is no water at the campground. All of the spigots are covered and taped off. We asked Matt about that, and he said that back down the dirt road was a water source. Here’s the directions to the spigot. As you drive leaving the campground, there is a youth camp on your right a few miles down the road from the campground. Past the youth camp is a cattleguard. Past the cattleguard is a road with a gate. Then there is a turn out on the river side of the road (on your right if you’re headed away from the camp) and if you look very carefully at the edge of the turn out you’ll see a red water spigot. To try to find this going up the road towards the campground, your best bet is to go to the youth camp and backtrack. It’s a pretty great campground, aside from the water issue. We paid $18 a night for a single space. They have a number of pull through spaces, so if you have a tow behind you could actually get in pretty easily. 


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