Reviewed Jun. 19, 2021

Poor customer service/broken facilities

THE WORST. My husband and I were excited about this RV site at first because of it’s beautiful location, ease of booking, and that it offers restrooms and showers which were necessary given our camper does not have either. However, when we arrived they told us they only have one functioning restroom and shower. No big deal (even though this site is pricey - willing to overlook it!). But when we got back to the park after a day out a little after 7PM, the code to the door was not working. We desperately needed to use the bathroom and shower and despite calling the “on call” number multiple times and leaving messages, no one got back to us. After 2 hours of waiting and not being able to “hold it” any longer, we left the campsite and booked last minute elsewhere. After over 14 hours FINALLY someone from the park called us back only to say “well the bathroom door is working fine now and it was your choice to leave.” No apologies, no consideration of a partial refund or credit. The woman was incredibly rude and only said over and over “from my perspective it’s working now. You could’ve walked down the street to another restroom.” When I expressed I felt this was poor customer service, she said “Okay. Buh bye.” This was the 5th site we’ve been in through multiple states on our 10 day road trip and we have NEVER had any issues until Pelican Point. Now had the customer service been better we could’ve easily overlooked being locked out of the bathroom, but they clearly do not care AT ALL about the guests staying there.

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