Eliot T.
Reviewed Jun. 19, 2021

Location is nice. But it can get packed quick.

Went up for some close Winter camping back in March. There was still a decent amount of people camping around us but it was super nice and quiet. Spaces are very private the farther back you go. there are 12 numbered sites spaced well apart the farther back you go. I have been here before in the spring time, and It can for sure fill up quick due to it's location being close to Boulder, and Nederland. Expect heavy use in the summer months. Also the road after the snow melt and rain can be very muddy. It's often used out due to heavy driving use. So some of the farther out sites might require a 4x4 vehicle depending on weather and road use. two people got stuck with light snow in March. So it's a strong recommendation because the farther sites are much nicer.

  • Cold Morning looking West
  • Camp site 3
SiteSite 3

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