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Reviewed Jun. 18, 2021

Beautiful location, awesome amenities

One of the best places we have camped at in the Oregon Coast and so close to amazing attractions. The bathrooms have flush potty’s, the showers are no fee, and super nice. There is no sewer dumping at the park, so plan accordingly. They do have grey water dumping, trash, drinking water, and electricity.

If your going to stay at this park here’s some tips for sites we thought were the best and worst, along with some fun places to visit.

Avoid sites: 22- Floods 33-If you have small children due to the water runoff being directly through the camp 34- Floods 36, 6 and 4-if tent camping it turns into one big wet spot

Avoid 52, 12 and 13 there horribly packed together

Best spots: 47- seems like one of the best spots with a fan hobbit hole at the back nice and level parking fairly secluded looking forest area and centrally located near the restrooms and other facilities 11, 10, 9, 8, 25- are fantastic spots pretty far from the bathrooms 16 and 17- are nice locations and near facilities

Best places to visit: Harris Beach had the best tides pools and sunsets. Use the top parking lot and walk down the long path for the best tide pools. Use the bottom parking lot for the best sun set.

Lone Beach was a great place to wander around, had some tide pools, and great picnic areas.

Pistol River Scenic Viewpoint was so much fun. One side is a calm river, on the other side of the sand dunes you have the ocean surf. There were so few people my kids and dog ran around for hours.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park was a maniacal place to explore. We enjoyed hours of easy hikes through the trees and groves.

All of these places were about 30 minutes from the camp ground.


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