Reviewed Jun. 17, 2021

If I could it would get zero stars...

First off allow me to set the scene. We came into town for the rodeo so we knew it would be busy and lodging would be sparse. We liked this option for its location to downtown deadwood and the trolley. We opted for the camping cabin as we knew it would be warm. Upon arrival I received the key (this is where I should have known cleanliness was out of the questions) the key chain was SO gross! We opened the door to the cabin and bugs were everywhere! The window sills looked as if they hadn’t been cleaned in years. There is a small bathroom with a toilet in a building down by the cabins that looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned in months. We are in a post pandemic times and this is totally unacceptable. After addressing it with the front desk they shrugged and said “sorry, no refunds” we were booked for two nights. I would have been totally understanding if only one night had been refunded but their inability to recognize their wrong doing....sickening. When your livelihood is the patrons of your establishment visiting and enjoying their stay and safely at meet your customer in the middle with a solution. Gross gross gross....stay as far away as possible.

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