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Reviewed Jun. 16, 2021

Serene site

For my Tent only camp site. I loved it. It’s spacious it’s for the most part shaded. It is right next to the lake. I get some views. In the pictures I posted you’ll see what I’m talking about. As far as the campground I did take a drive around it’s pretty big n has a lot of shaded sites. I think it’s over 140 sites. There is a boat ramp on the grounds also the playground there’s a dog park there is also a little amphitheater. I believe I was told the Rangers do events for the kids.  I do like the fact that you can go into a bathroom and it also has the shower so you have that privacy. I also noticed and was told that there are volunteers that are in the campground I guess all season. It seems like they’re spread out like there’s someone in every section. Which made me feel good.  Having someone with the inside access to get help or to have a problem solved sooner than later. Here are just a couple reasons why I did not give a five star. To you out there it may not be a negative for you so you could see this as a five star. For a beautiful campsite to be surrounded by a lake. You can’t really see or Have access to swim in. There is a beach for the lake but it’s outside the campground and down the road. It’s a negative for me. I mean keep the trees maybe get rid of any low hanging branches and the bushes that block most of the view. I really wish they had some air in the bathrooms. Half of my trip was in the high 90s and the sun was just beaming on the building. So it was not pleasurable to use the bathroom or take a shower then. The tent only site that I was at. You had to park your car in a parking lot across the street but from my site it was down a little further.. I like having my car close by so I can access anything that is left in my car throughout my stay.  wi-Fi would’ve been a plus. So I got good phone service. Att

  • Home sweet home for seven days
  • Unfortunately the bushes were there. If they were gone you’d have a better view of the lake
  • This was a pretty sight it was down a little from my camping spot. They did have a bench to sit on and that’s where I took a picture from
  • One of the sunsets. Down the road from the campground
  • From the park in the closest town
  • Sunset at the beach on the lake. Down the road from the campground
  • This building was in center of town square. And it looks so much like the building in back to the future ahead take a picture of it. Also the closest town to the campground
  • This is the site I had to capture. This was in town when I got off the highway. It was probably about 20 minutes if not a little less to the campground. This was huge I don’t know if the picture is truly capturing the size
  • Just another beautiful sunset off of 121
  • This was a good 45 minutes away from the campground it’s called four-star American diner. The atmosphere was awesome my server was really good and the food was good
  • The roast beef Manhattan from the diner four-star America
  • The night that I was at the diner they were having a car show
  • Car show at the diner

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