Reviewed Jun. 16, 2021

Save your money

When we booked this RV resort online months ago, we were able to reserve specific lots so that us and our friends could park our RV’s next to or close to one another for the duration of our trip. Based on the information online, we reserved, paid and confirmed for those specific lots. We drove 5 hours with two families and two RV’s to find out that we were not placed in the lots we reserved nor were we anywhere close to the family that we were traveling with. When we asked about the issue, all we were told is“im sorry” with a few shoulder shrugs… so since we drove all day and were there and tired, we set up anyways thinking it would be fine and we would just deal with it. They did tell us we could rent a golf cart for an additional$65/day, but why would we pay more for something that wasnt even our doing. No thanks. After setting up everything, we were very excited to head to the beautiful pool that we saw advertised online. Turns out, the pool pictured on their website is for“owners” only. As visitors, we were only allowed access to a smaller pool. We were disappointed to hear this and if I was at any other“resort” or hotel, I would have left. Its just not what we were lead to believe we were paying for. We decided to still give it a try and when we got to the small pool…. Ugh… it was absolutely disgusting! The walls of the pool were green, the water was cloudy and there were about 3 chairs available. I was afraid to even let my kids swim in it! Ew! To get out during the day, We rented a boat from a different marina(bc they do not offer a boat service like their website says) Go to Cricket Creek Marina! Way better!! We will not be going back to this resort. Although the grounds were pretty… any KOA blows this place away when it comes to being family friendly. We travel all over the country with our RV and this resort, by far, has been the most disappointing. 1 star overall, 2 stars just because the location is on the lake. Save your money.

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