amber G.
Reviewed Jun. 15, 2021


To be honest I own the place! But I do not live on the property so this is my get away spot. I am a hammock camper so I love being in trees. I have cleaned out about an acre for tent or hammock camping, another acre for shared areas, and the pasture has about an acre wide open for dogs, horses or other well mannered animals.
A cold but potable shower, a fire pit, a gazebo, short walk to the fresh spring.
We are completely off grid, so no running water but I do provide drinking water, no electricity but just enough solar lights to help you get around in the dark. A privey with pine pellets so it doesn't smell, it too has a light with motion detector. There is no where to charge a phone, but you get service if with a large carrier. I like it wild, I like to still invite animals that have always crossed our path. All of which are more afraid of us and will run or saunder off when seen.

  • this is our driveway as you approach.
  • semi private picnic table area
  • two cafe tables on two off three decks south of horse barn.
  • view from middle deck over looking fire pit area
  • a few art installations
  • privey
  • inside pricey so you know what to expect
  • creek area
  • fresh spring
  • shower
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