Reviewed Jun. 15, 2021

Nice little camping community in the Poconos

We had a great time despite cold wet weather. Our site was probably one of the worst in the place but we were able to scope out others that we would prefer for our next visit. We didn’t have a view of the lake, instead we were in someone’s back yard lol. It wasn’t a big deal. The site was well maintained and flat which were the most important. Most of the sites seem to be on the smaller size when compared to other campgrounds we’ve been too. That said we had plenty of space, it was just very close to the next site. We were on the far side of the lake which is not really within walking distance of the beach, pool and store. We knew this going in and were totally OK with it. I seemed less busy where we were as far as cars and people which is what we were looking for. We hopped in the car and drove the 2 mins to get to the beach. There was always parking. If you stay closer to those things it would be easy to walk & ride bikes to the different activities. The bathrooms were the cleanest we’ve ever experienced at a campground. *The showers are coin operated. The staff were so accommodating and everyone was super nice. There is a lot for younger kids to do and the grounds are pet friendly which was a huge plus for us. My kids really loved having a pool to swim in,in addition to the lake.

My take always:

  • Get a site on the lake.

  • You won’t have a ton of privacy but you’ll have space for your stuff.

  • If you don’t want to drive during your stay, camp on the side w/ the beach and pool.

  • The store has a huge selection of necessities, so no need to worry about forgetting things.

  • This is a great place to bring an RV.

  • Great for families. It would be a great place to camp with extended family.

  • Pet friendly. They have a beach for swimming with your dogs

  • Our site backed up to private property.

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